Communication Poem by Aisha Sherazi


Communication Breakdown,
What’s happening today?
We don’t say what we mean,
And we don’t mean what we say.

We trundle along in life,
Not speaking when we should,
We wait until it’s too late,
And then say nothing good.

We don’t look at each other,
Nor smile as much these days,
We are all so busy,
Being busy is the craze.

But what is so important?
That we don’t really talk?
Why don’t we make time?
Instead of running, we could walk.

We use our text messages,
Our computers, to speak for us,
We use our telephones,
And rely on our trust.

It’s hard to know what’s behind talk,
If you’re not face to face,
It’s hard to get a clear message,
Isn’t it a disgrace?

That we don’t meet each other,
And look eye to eye?
That we don’t take the time,
And understand why.

Why it is so important,
We connect and really speak,
Why it is essential,
We truly listen and not freak.

When someone suggests something,
That’s so far from our minds,
World peace depends on these things,
So lets not be so behind.

We’ve got to make an effort,
And truly realize,
This isn’t really connecting,
It isn’t civilized.

aeda sea 29 March 2006

this is all very true. a good poem all around!

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Brian Dorn 03 September 2006

Great ending, Aisha. We've come to depend more and more on having technology do our communicating for us, it really has become uncivilized. Great write... very purposeful. Brian

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Tim Casswell 01 July 2006

I like the rhymes they are strong like a song lyric and yet they don't strain. the language is natural and appear to just happen to rhyme. Tim

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 12 May 2014

Amazing write with such great lines to enjoy!

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Rk verma 22 September 2022

Wall please depend on this things so let not so behind tell poetic device in this stanza

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Rk verma 22 September 2022

Which poetic device is used here

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Rose wonder 26 October 2021

Nice poem Aisha

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Barbie 27 February 2018

Too long! Too long! Too long! Too long! Too long! Too long! Too long! Too long!

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Crisanto Daing 11 April 2016

Hello, Maam Aisha. I enjoyed reading your poem on communication and found it very interesting. I would like to use your poem as my material in the book I am presently writing. I am anticipating for your optimistic response to this humble request. Thank you so much! Crisanto A. Daing, MAEd. Instructor, Philippines

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