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D02 The Life Of Samson - Poem by Simple Simon

In the tribe of Dan,
A son was born,
To father Manoah
And mother Zorah.

After years of prayer
God gave a child to her.
A strong giant-like son,
Who was named Samson.

The Lord advised her,
'Never cut his hair.
He's born to rescue Israel
From the Philistine people.'

The power of the Lord
Made him strong and bold.
As a God-chosen child,
He came to this world.

As years rolled,
He became old,
And reached an age,
For his early marriage.

He saw a Philistine girl.
For her beauty, he fell.
But his parents advised,
To go for a better bride.

They told, 'Select one
From our own clan,
Instead of Heathen-born,
A Philistine woman! '

He insisted, 'I like her,
And want to marry her.
One day, we'll go and see.
Fix her in marriage for me.'

So, with both his parents
To Timnah, soon he went.
On the way, he heard,
A lion that roared.

The power of the Lord,
Made him strong and bold.
He tore the lion apart
Like a young goat!

The talk was in his favor
When they all met her,
And a few days later,
He went to marry her.

On the way, the dead lion,
He saw, was torn open,
And a swarm of bees
Flying o'er the carcass.

They came for the honey,
That was in the lion's body,
The honey was so sweet,
That he ate some of it.

His parents also ate some,
Not knowing wherefrom
Such a sweet honey came.
A good sign, it became.

Everything went on well.
They selected this girl.
As their usual custom,
A feast Samson gave them.

Thirty young Philistine-men
Were staying with Samson,
As his close companions
During marriage function.

In the function's middle,
He asked them a riddle,
'Out of eater, it came to eat.
Out of one strong, it was so sweet.'

A week's time was given
To solve the riddle then.
They broke their head,
But couldn't succeed.

Comments about D02 The Life Of Samson by Simple Simon

  • (10/14/2006 2:13:00 PM)

    Samson is a tragic but heroic figure in the Bible. His splendid strength never ceases to amaze the reader. You have captured him so well in these fine lines, Simon.

    Warm regards,


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  • (10/14/2006 12:22:00 AM)

    Good job Simple Simon,

    The story of Samson is one of my favorites from the bible. Sadly, it demonstrates how the heart wants what it wants and how a man will sometimes sacrifice everything at the request of a beautiful woman. The fault lies not just with the woman in each particular case but also with the man. As you are demonstrating in your poems, it is a common theme in the bible repeated many times, always with tragic results for someone. The man in many cases is motivated by an all consuming passion.

    Consider this exerpt that references Samson and Delilah from my poem, 'My Lovers Eyes'.

    'Madly, deeply, hopelessly I love her!
    And she knows I am a transparent liar,
    And she knows I would be lying to myself and to her
    If I were to suggest I could ever refuse her anything.

    I think this is what caused Samson all the trouble.
    He could never say no to Delilah.
    Still, he loved her and sought to please her,
    Up until the moment the Philistines gouged out his eyes.'

    Anyway, I like your poem. Maybe you could write one about the death of John the Baptist at the hands of a man ensnared by a foolish promise.

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