Daddy Poem by Brittany Messersmith


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When i was little my hand would fit in the palm if yours
I would fall asleep on your chest at night
And when I couldn't sleep at night because of the monsters under my bed you scared them all away
I loved you and i still do
But when i was little it different I don't know how it just was
Now I'm 15, growing up, and I go to a private school
The relationship between us has grown in to a total bond
This admiration that i have for you is more than i can explain
I remember when I got my first heart break
You told me 'It's ok, he doesn't know what he is missin' but he will someday'
Daddy you were right cause now he wants me back
The day Chris and I broke up you stayed in my room with me for 3 hours till I stopped crying
Then when i started dating Max you supported me
His junior prom night I thought you were going to cry
I'm sorry I didn't go to see you that night at your work
Then I came here
I'll never forget that day
You were the one that made me cry the most
And now the woman that meant the most to us is gone
This is going to be hard
I want you to know that I'm very proud of you
You're doing an amazing job raising Beth and I on your own
You are all I have left to go home to
Thank you
For being there for me through everything even though we have fought
You've been there for me through all
The concerts even if I sucked
The boyfriends who were no good
You were there to catch when I fell
And praise me when i succeeded
No daughter could ask for a better father than you
l love you Daddy
I will always be your little girl!

Mary Nagy 25 February 2006

This is very touching Brittany.....I'm sure your dads heart will surely melt when he reads this. Sincerely, Mary Just a note.....I think you might've left out a ''fit''in the first line (My hand would fit) . :) Take care. Very beautiful work. Sincerely, Mary

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