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I go to a boarding school in pa. I love to write. It has only been recently that i have let people read my poems and stories. I'm really down to earth and I love to be around good company and good friends. Let me know what you think of my writing ability. Positive comments are good but constructive critism is fine as well it builds character.
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I guessed you to be some one you’re not
I guessed you to be something you never were
I guessed you would be there but you never will be
I guessed you would be true but you never were
I guessed you would love me but you never did
I guessed you to be the one that you come through but you never did
I was wrong
You’re not who you say you are
You’re not the something I thought you were
You were never there
You never were true
You never loved me
You will never come through
I believed all of your lies
I believed everything you said
I listened to all the promises you made but never followed through with
I gave it all but got nothing in return
I am moving on

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Brittany Messersmith Popularity

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