Brittany Messersmith Poems

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I guessed you to be some one you’re not
I guessed you to be something you never were
I guessed you would be there but you never will be
I guessed you would be true but you never were

This Boy

This boy…he doesn’t know…
This boy doesn’t know what he does to me with every passing glance
This boy doesn’t know what his touch does to me
This boy doesn’t know how I feel when he is near

I Believed In You

Go a head tell me it will be ok
Tell me you are fine
Tell me its just because of the disease
The car broke down

No More Chances

My heart beats faster
Tears well
I grab for your hand
You pull me into you

Consume Me

His words are smooth
His style is crisp
Any woman would fall for his succulent shine
Yet despite it all he is cold


When i was little my hand would fit in the palm if yours
I would fall asleep on your chest at night
And when I couldn't sleep at night because of the monsters under my bed you scared them all away
I loved you and i still do

My Suicide

No one takes me seriously only because I try to be myslef
They all look at me as if I am a freak
But what they don't know is this has been my last week
I will go home lock my door

Isn'T The End

We had lots of laughs and great times
but i have moved on i know it hurts
i'm feeling it too but me and him
we were together for years


I try to help but nothing works
people ask for my advice and it is used against me
maybe my problem is that im so focussed on other problems
i forget about my own


you pushed me to the limitts
you laughed
you poked
you tore me to pieces

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