Shelly 945

Daddy Please Don'T Go - Poem by Shelly 945

He gets up, he packs his things
The hurt, the sadness it starts to sting
As I watch him, I start to cry
I can't hold it in, it happens everytime
It scares me eveyday
Not knowing if he's okay
My mother starts to cry, as she says goodbye
He pulls me in, and hugs me real tight
I try to believe things will be alright
And this time I say I'm not letting go
But he has to leave and this I know
As he walks out, I start to cry even more
When he leaves, it feels like its hard to breathe
I can't sleep at night, not knowing if he's alright
I pray for him everyday, that he will be okay
Far away he might be, but in my heart he's close to me
I get up to a picture of him by my side
With my mother, holding his hand as a bride
He gets up everyday to fight a war
The thought of him not coming back I can't ignore
He's been gone for so long
I look up to him for being so brave, and strong
To ask him not to go, would feel so wrong
He joined the war somewhere far away
I think of him every second of the day
Hoping he's coming back, maybe even on his way
Promising me that he'll come back
But that I know he can't say for a fact
Without him home, nothing's the same
I pray to g-d to return him to me
To send him home to let him free
It's late at night, and there's a knock on the door
I see a soldier standing their, so I start to say a prayer
He starts to lower his hat
So now I'm afraid
I start to think its been for nothing, everything that I prayed
Sliding down my face, I feel the tears
But I need to open the door, an face my fears
I start to pray, because I know what he'll say
Your father won't be coming home
Not tomorrow or today.....

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 13, 2012

Poem Edited: Friday, April 5, 2013

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