Dancing With Daddy Poem by Dr. Debasish Mridha

Dancing With Daddy

Rating: 4.8

My little heart, my little girl.
Dance with Daddy; dance, my pearl.
Hold my hand; dance with feet.
Sing a little song; dance with beat.
Dance with a smile; sing with joy.
Dance like a peacock; sing like a toy.
Dance with love; sing with kindness.
Life will be blissful, full of happiness.
Dance with Daddy; dance, my pearl.
My little heart, my little girl.

Dancing With Daddy
This poem was written for my daughter, who was 5 years old when she started dancing.
Amanda Enright 22 January 2013

Dr. Mridha, this is such a loving, touching tribute to your daughter. What a wonderful poem!

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Banshari Mridha 27 January 2013

Too cute. That's father's love :)

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Adeline Foster 27 January 2013

Cute and enjoyable. Read mine - Enfant Gate - It is a little girl turning from six to seven, but you got that, didn't you? Adeline

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Patricia Grantham 02 March 2013

A cute poem, A show of love between daddy and daughter. Thanks.

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Beth Troester 04 March 2013

makes me smile, remember dancing with my nieces

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N. A. 23 December 2014

Such a sweet poem, that any father can relate to I'm sure.

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Regina Rastello 24 November 2014

You can feel the love throughout the whole poem.

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Denise Orrin 25 September 2014

This is a very sweet poem! The relationship between the father and the daughter is described very well.

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Keenon White 28 February 2014

Inspirational poem. You can feel the love a dad has with his little girl and the elation and joy that goes on in a dad's mind when he gets that opportunity to dance with his little girl

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Rahul J 24 October 2013

A beautiful poem describing the intimate relationship between a father and daughter, and the joy that is found simply by dancing together.

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