Dr. Debasish Mridha

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I am here just to say I love you.
I am here just to say I really do.
I am here just to find joy and happiness.
I am here just to express love and kindness.
I am here just to be sharing and caring.
I am here just to show gratitude and be loving.
I am here just to find friends and beauty.
I am here just to enjoy life's journey and life's duty.
Popular Poems
I Am A Very Simple Girl, Very Simple
I am a very simple girl, very simple.
I only know how to love, how to care.
I only have kindness and joy to share.
I am a simple star without a twinkle.
Life Is A Tall, Tender Tree
For if life is a tall tender tree,
For then, life is joy, life is free.
The tree is dancing in the air, sunny or showers,
With his joy, with his love, with his flowers.
Dancing With Daddy
My little heart, my little girl.
Dance with Daddy; dance, my pearl.
Hold my hand; dance with feet.
Sing a little song; dance with beat.
That's Wonderful
Oh my friend, I'll tell you
You're reading my poem, that's wonderful.
For you, life is pure, life is new,
Full of joy, full of fun, very colorful.
Happiness Will Come
Happiness will come
Today, tomorrow, and every year.
Now, then, and every moment.
For if we learn to love, care, and share.


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N. A. 23 December 2014
Wonderfully positive. A great inspiration!
9 0 Reply
Christine Zboril 17 September 2014
Very uplifting and full of love. Very sweet poem!
11 0 Reply
J Ellsworth 23 April 2014
Mridha's magnificent word are enough to edify the mind, touch the heart, and enlighten the soul. They bring all to the recognition of the purpose in life - true happiness.
15 0 Reply
Nancy Martin 23 April 2014
Dr. Mridha reveals his love for people and embraces their differences through his poems. He is subtly able to teach the need for love and peace, simply yet eloquently. Look forward to reading more!
15 0 Reply
Your poems are full of love and touching the heart. Keep writing. Thank you.
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Jodi Scorsone 13 April 2013
These poems are so inspirational and positive. They help us to remember the important things in life. Thank you, Dr Mridha, for these uplifting words! ! !
42 0 Reply
Sheryl Holey 14 February 2013
I enjoyed reading Dr. Mridha's poems. They are very positive and encouraging and remind us of what is important in life.
55 0 Reply
George Vavilis 23 January 2013
This is a motivational poem which will uplift your spirits during a rainy day!
104 0 Reply
Heather Kehoe 21 January 2013
You can tell these poems are written from the heart, soul and are positive in everyway. Dr. Mridha is an inspiring person and poet.
104 0 Reply
Amanda Enright 15 January 2013
These are wonderful poems, full of insight and inspiration. Thank you for sharing, Dr. Mridha!
129 0 Reply
Cara Schurr 15 January 2013
I feel this was a very up lifting poem and was very touching.
93 3 Reply
Arnell Somlar 15 January 2013
very motivational and up lifting
40 1 Reply
Annie Charbonneau 14 January 2013
Debasish Mridha is an inspirational and up lifting writer. He gives people strength and inspiration to get through everyday life
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