Dark Liking I Poem by Daniel Cook

Dark Liking I

Darling, darling don’t you know?
Don’t you know how you hurt me so?
You do to me what you hate the most.
So to answer my question, your answer is no.
The things I’ll do just to make you laugh
Or the way I’ll compliment your excellent calves
Darling you have taken a backseat in my life, but I want you up front, hell I want you in
the driver seat.
Why is it that I feel more alone when I’m with you then when I’m by myself?
Sometimes I think God painted this world just for you, and he painted you just for me.
And your words, no matter how uhhh, bluuuu, or ehhh they seem to be
To my ears sound like poetry
Darling, darling you must be blind
Darling, darling you must be deaf
To not see my affection or deep stares in your direction
Or do you see them, do they haunt you and scare you, do you not want them to be cast
your way?
So you do nothing in response, no rejection or affection, you just add to my deception until I change my perception of you and your mind, then I lose mine, because it is filled with thrills that can’t be induced by pills and it kills wondering what she feels, and if when the dealer deals will I get a lovely pair or will a lonely ace add to my despair until I come to the conclusion that life’s just not fair, and the air that breathe is no longer sweet and I can’t stand on my own 2 feet because without there’s no me.
Is it that you fail to see it because you too feel the same?
And your lust (or is it love?) puts a veil over your face so you can’t see that I long for you the way you do for me.
Are you just as scared as I am? That you pretend to not want to respond on IM, because you’re scared of the rejection or the idea that I might discover you want to be my lover but in reality every conversation fills you with a sweet sensation that you hold onto just like I do. What an inhumane doom. For one to desire and aspire to be by one’s side and all along the centerpiece of the affection knows of the pursuer’s direction but says nothing, and lets them live a life of false hopes and horrible pain with no chance of gain.
It is an evil dance of man to hold back knowledge or truth, just to watch others make mistakes and live in a goof.
So answer this question, one I can’t answer for you. Just one word, yes or no. Am I wasting my time to pursue you so?

Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook

San Diego California
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