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Sunsets And You

Sunsets are not a rare commodity
they come and go every night
so i compare you not to a sunset
for you come once in a life
your beauty surpases the colors of the sky
painted anew each night by angels on high
for god himself has sculpted you
he made it so your only seen by few
and you do not hide from the moon
as all the sunsets do
rather you shine bright under its silver light
and you dance all night
you do far more than any sunset would
more breathtaking than any sunset could
sunsets have moved and inspired all man kind since forever
but you move...

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To My 4th Period Class

You! All of you!
In this class
What do you think of me?
After I read,
After I tell you secrets,
Embarrassing things
Things I'm afraid of.
My conscience is poured out before you
I tell you about my faith.