Daniel Cook Poems

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Where do i get my inspiration?
inspiration to write, to read, to live.
Living for God is all I need.
Needs are met with love and conviction.

A Wish Come True

One wish
No rules apply
Anything you want
Will you be selfish?

Sunsets And You

Sunsets are not a rare commodity
they come and go every night
so i compare you not to a sunset
for you come once in a life

God Is An Artist

In the West
A pink sunset behind purple mountains
A blue cross the perfect accent.
Lights dart and dash in the fog.

20 Questions

where does north become south?
where does east become west?
when does now become then?
when does then become now?

Abc Poem

Any Body Can Do Everything.
From Greatness, Hope, Invincibility.
Just Kill Lame Melancholy Nothings Other People Quote.
Realize Self.

Dark Liking I

Darling, darling don’t you know?
Don’t you know how you hurt me so?
You do to me what you hate the most.
So to answer my question, your answer is no.


I'm sick of all these philosophies like Socrates and the aristocracies or the christians and there hypocrisies, and there monopolies, but the call them oligopolies, but I've got to stop these monstrosities from stoppin me and end the fear cause, THERES NO MORE ROOM IN HERE! I SWEAR ITS LIKE I'M TOO TRUE TO BE SINCERE!
i know too much and am too kind to be believed or left behind
the in between is killing me and i need something to enlighten me
because so far all I've got in me is sorrow and heart ache and the need to barrow. i have no means to partake in the fun and games that life wants to play so instead i sit and wish i could cry today but i cant the tears wont come no matter how hard it hurts or what I've done, so i want to clear my head, and yes escape by any means whether it be drugs or her meat drapes

Haiku #1


(i) got no windoows and got one door but baby have no fear
(i) got no windoows and got one door but baby have no fear
but the jail is theres, yeah said the jail is theres
Got no car, yeah no money, not a key to my door

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