Dark Room Poem by Lacie Wasserman

Dark Room

Rating: 4.3

In a dark room I lie bruised and beaten.
You lock me in yelling and you threaten.
Breathing hard tears falling. Rolling into a ball.
It hurts to crawl. Let alone move. Ive got nothing to prove.
I choke a cry of pain so you wont hear. I know theres more to bear.
Ive got no plan. Heart raceing. Your paceing. Thinking.
No one dares to be speaking. I shiver cause Im cold.
You think Im too bold. So I get punished for something I didnt do.
Your voice is like a lovely coo. I keep comeing back.
Always on the wrong track. You swing. I fling. Crumple. You chuckle.
I just lay there in a heap. You kick and punch.
Throw me in the room and lock the door.
In a dark room I lie bruised and beaten.

Gold Fish 10 October 2009

A great read. Violence is a great devourer seeking whomever he can consume.

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Sandra Martyres 04 July 2009

A very intense piece exposing brutality at its worst, but I agree with William you need to revise it substantively to bring out its poetic worth..

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William F Dougherty 24 June 2009

Brutal as a fist in the face. (But needs structural revision.) drb

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