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Expect the unexpected.
Your never fully protected.
But we do the best we can.
Just take my hand and we'll make it through.

You said you were sure. It wasnt what I thought.
That was a lie. You were fake.
But I believed you and took a higher stake.
You whispered little nothings in my ear.

In a dark room I lie bruised and beaten.
You lock me in yelling and you threaten.
Breathing hard tears falling. Rolling into a ball.
It hurts to crawl. Let alone move. Ive got nothing to prove.

Not seeing. Not being. All alone.
Trapped in this little room waiting for you.
Hopeing to see you again. Forbidden Love.
Being sentenced away. This is the punishment I have to pay.

When I say I care I mean it. Dont doubt for a second that Ill just leave you here hurting. Ill always be here for you no matter what. Ill help you through your temptations and hopefully our friendship lasts forever. Dont ever think never. Sometimes its better late than never. Just like friendship. When your down, Ill bring you up. When your sad, Ill make those cheesy jokes.: D Just like this cheesy poem. I dedicate this to you Michael. Cause your an amazing friend. And I hope forever that will stay. :)

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I just love to write...Im a Junior in highschool and what happens to me or other people is my inspiration. Even when I write about something that i havent experianced people tell me its like Ive been through it even though I havent. :) I only really started writing awhile ago and I have yet to progress to make things better. Any questions just ask. :))

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Expect The Unexpected

Expect the unexpected.
Your never fully protected.
But we do the best we can.
Just take my hand and we'll make it through.
Don't be thinking who's to blame.
Its not all about of the fallen fame.
Be asking what.
Don't shut out the people who you
love and who care about you the most.
Its not your right to boast.
You try to view your life in frames.
Trying to grab at it. To go back in time.
It doesn't work that way.
And its always going to stay.
Live it up and don't regret a thing you do.
And don't be asking who.
Things don't always come out the way you plan.
Expect the Unexpected.

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Darlene Harris 01 October 2022

I would like permission to use your poem in my website. And He Resoreth My Soul

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Deborah Cromer 11 June 2009

Watching you walk, and how bout? Listening to you talk? Or hearing you talk? Or maybe you are in the distance, and can only 'watch' them talk? I don't know, just a suggestion? No biggy. :) Deborah Cromer

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