I Hate You Poem by Lacie Wasserman

I Hate You

Rating: 4.0

I Hate You. Everything about you makes me crazy. The way you walk. The sound of your voice. I hate it. I hate you. I could say I dislike you but its not a strong enough word. Hate is the perfect word. No words can describe all the resentment I have for you. I hate you. Everything about you seems wrong. Your hair. Your amazing blue eyes. The way you look at me and then smile. Your perfect lips. I hate you.....I Love You.

Deborah Cromer 04 July 2009

My poem 'Fatal Spirit' reminds me so much of your poem. DC

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Deborah Cromer 11 June 2009

Wow. Up, down, hot, cold, good, bad. Pretty mixed feelings. You know you, you will not let yourself down, you will not lie to yourself. Be for you, you are #1. Trust and believe in yourself. Don't let someone else, anyone else take that from you. You have control over how you feel. You might allow someone to hurt you, but don't. Don't give them the power. They can't if you don't let them. Sorry Charlie! See ya! You've got better things to do. :) Deborah Cromer

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