Stephanie Poem by William King Jr.


Visions as I look in the mirror
I always stare at your picture
Thinking back on all the fun we had
Now my soul feels sad
You rest, forevermore
Never having to worry
And I know I wasn't always there to protect you
I promised that I'd never let anything hurt you
I guess I failed
If I could rewind time and show you all the love my heart had
It would let you know I appreciated all the time we had
Together, forever my lady
We were to get married and you have my baby
But I failed
Your hazel green eyes mesmerized me the first time they locked with mine
They always had a sense of saying that everything will be fine
And you’re oh so beautiful smile
That you never thought was perfect
I'm saying it now like I used to
That I'll always love it
And to this day, I picture your face
In my heart, you'll always have a place
Together forever
One soul we will rise
Ascending to a greater place
Never had much on Earth
But to our surprise
We were rich in each other’s eyes
To this day my heart ache to be close to you
No one will ever be able to take you place
My heart is set only in your way
And when our anniversary comes up
A bottle of the finest champagne I'll open
Together we'll toast to love eternity

Saturday, January 8, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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