Daughter Poem by Suheir Hammad


Rating: 4.2

leaves and leaving call october home
her daughter releases wood
smoke from her skin
rich in scorpio
blood survived the first
flood each new year marks
a circle around her
thick bark middle
this the month summer and
winter fall into each
other and leave orange
yellow ashes
the vibrancy of death
carry it all
coiled in my belly
cut on the cusp
of libra tail
tips the scales
tonight it is raining in
the tradition of my parents
wanted a daughter not a writer
happy birthday poet
who loves you baby
the way your mama did
under her breast the way your
father did under his breath
leaves and leaving have known
my name intimately
i harvest pumpkins
to offer the river eat
buttered phoenix meat
to celebrate a new year
new cipher for my belly
i got a new name
secret nobody knows
the cold can't call me
leaving won't know
where to find me
october gonna hide me
in her harvest in
her seasons
happy birthday daughter
of the falling

Susan Williams 09 February 2016

oh! I like the very individual style of this poet- -it carries the strength of purpose as well as the sadness of leaving childhood as leaves are leaving the trees

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Edward Kofi Louis 09 February 2016

Love for your daughter. Nice work.

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Suheir Hammad

Suheir Hammad

Palestinian / American
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