Daybreak Poem by John Donne


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STAY, O sweet and do not rise!
The light that shines comes from thine eyes;
The day breaks not: it is my heart,
   Because that you and I must part.
   Stay! or else my joys will die
   And perish in their infancy.

Lize Powrie 09 January 2005

STUNNING! so passionate

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Gabriel SimpsonLaw 21 September 2007

Probably the most beautiful poem I have ever read

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Turner Logan 22 September 2020

i did not undersyand this poem

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Carolina 24 September 2020

I like this poem. The author sounds desperate in his attempt to get his lover to stay with him. It's pretty straight forward in what it is saying, but you can also find deeper meanings.

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Natalie 24 August 2020

I love this poem, it is very meaningful

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Sylvia Frances Chan 06 March 2024

THREE: Ultimately, the poet's laments that she will always come after his business, emphasizing the conflict between love and practical responsibilities.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 06 March 2024

THREE: The ephemeral nature of love and the fear of separation align with the Renaissance era's preoccupation with temporal concerns and the fragility of human existence.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 06 March 2024

TWO: However, the man prioritizes his work over their relationship, treating their love as secondary. The poem highlights the tension between love and duty, portraying the man's dedication to work as a hindrance to their connection.

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kay brown 12 October 2020

worlds best video i love it so much

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Ben F 07 October 2020

while listening to the poem it was bugged but re-reading it on my own i got a sense of sentimental value.

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