Dazed Both Worlds In Love Poem by Asimuzzaman Asim

Dazed Both Worlds In Love

Having mulct both this macrocosm
And the next for love's sake,
There goes a frigid soul
With a hipped night in his wake.

The tavern is barren and bare
The phial and wine is raving,
When you turned away from me
Seems like cheer from my life left.

Such a scarce stint have we been doled
To devolve of life's sweet fruit,
The seigneur, unnerved by our joy,
No more would dare impute.

Now your memory is far
Estranged by the world's affairs,
My heart is deceived to forget
By rampant profane cares,
don't ask me about my heart,
How it flounce with life today
When, by grace or chance or accident
She sent a smile my way.

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