How Dalliance They Must Have Lived! Poem by Asimuzzaman Asim

How Dalliance They Must Have Lived!

How sprightly she must be living, how proud
She must be, who knows what modus of people would be there who would be fetching to her.

In the dusk of day, happy people come here to me.
Must have come to watch me blow out
I was not affined with the one who is not going to come,
what is the meaning of those who are going to come, she will be coming,

what else will befall after the reminiscence of her,
just like that, my hair is scattered and will be scattered.
Friends, at least mention something about her doomsday.
He would have died in those boar.

As soon as I get out of puff, everyone would gorge crying,
that is, even after me, that is, he would be breathing.

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