Asimuzzaman Asim Poems

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Cause To Stray

My beloved has ensnare me in a ambit, it be sticked…
I desore not to chit, but feast me an uncertainty, it seems…

That countenance is akin to an apothecary for me…

Dessension Hurts The Heart

Let it be grief, even to tantalize my heart, come,
Come even if only to waive me to torment again,
Come, if not for our past deceit,
Then to intently fulfil the pristine rustic rituals.

Dazed Both Worlds In Love

Having mulct both this macrocosm
And the next for love's sake,
There goes a frigid soul
With a hipped night in his wake.

How Dalliance They Must Have Lived!

How sprightly she must be living, how proud
She must be, who knows what modus of people would be there who would be fetching to her.

In the dusk of day, happy people come here to me.

Mollification As Once Respired Among Us

That pamper as once respired among us,
Whether you dodder recalling or do not…
That promise, yes, of trailing thus,
Whether you dodder recalling or do not…

Rapport Was Broken As She Went Away

she broke all the means of communication as she went away.
Though I presumed our understanding was such that at least we could have continued visiting each others spot.

It was better if one had professed a sole candle oneself instead of yammer about the darkness of the night

Met You After Long Time

Meeting in the wake of so long?
What notion are your lost in these days?
The sturdy puff of sir asks me..
What do you keep writing in the sand?

Feign Of Wend

You are leaving with such a trace.
you are faster than me
Why do you feign in writing on the right?
I daze who asked me rife than me?

Calibrate If You Not Trust

If you don't believe then try me,
I am a mirror, hunt up this image,

I am a uncouth candle, I keep burning day and night,

Somewhere The Moon Got Lost

somewhere the moon got lost on the way
somewhere the moonlight got lost,
I am a lamp and that too is extinguished.
how my night brightened!

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