Dead Thievery Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

Dead Thievery

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Inflicting incurable wounds
That are ever 'hopeless' to heal
Backing abominable crimes,
Which they would have cursed
And banned for themselves.

Frightful vileness of mortals,
Slaying innocent and unsheltered lives
Inducing untold anguish that this side
Of the grave will not heal,
Procuring pain that the greatest
Human heart cannot relieve...

Dying faces, bringing undying doom
To unseen, spry and bright-eyed
Tiny sufferers and victims...

O, ugly and hostile seedbeds!
Babes unborn and blameless
Ending lives in gory vessels...
O, unsightly... bloody spectacle!
O, choice unfair... unfair price...
O, robbery heartless and eternal!

Jenifer Loring 03 November 2008

Very moving poem Dr. Kardas. Indeed are the 'ever hopeless to heal' who 'Back abominable crimes'...such as abortion! Makes perfect sense that if you don't have compassion for the unborn and defenseless, how in the world will you find compassion for the born... the poor, the handicapped, the aged, the abused, the mistreated, ETC.? Utterly impossible task. Thanks for the very well done verse. You are a 'Voice for the voiceless in this world' standing unyieldingly on God's firm commandment....THOU SHALT NOT KILL! ! ! God Bless you. The Lorings

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Carmen Phillip 01 October 2013

God will bless you beyond measure for speaking out against the slaughter of His innocent children. If any one dares to destroy a life that God has created, he or she is certainly capable of any and every possible sin. We here in Ireland look forward to he day that very soon will put an end to all types of abortion and destruction of human life. You, Dr. are a true Pro-Lifer and do an exceedingly great job explaining the horrors involved with killing the innocent.

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Christian Soldier 12 May 2009

Sublime work that portrays the dastardly assault upon innocent victims...crimes that ought to UNMAN humankind! God Bless.

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Penny Lane 18 April 2009

The inviolability and the sacred character of each conceived human life is a sacred principle with NO exceptions! Murder is murder! When our conscience loses respect for human life as something sacred, we end up by losing our own identity and humanity. Thank you for another heart rendering poem on abortion. Love Penny 10+++

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Suyatha Kem 14 April 2009

Once again through your empathic pen you have stirred the innermost emotions... No doubt, abortion is the ugliest, the most diabolical and most horrifying of all crimes! ! ! The pain of abortion NEVER truly goes away in this life... Thank you for sensitizing us to this most urgent issue of utmost importance.10+++

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Jackie Tilison 16 March 2009

Thank you for this great poem and reminder not to forget the most defenseless, unborn children. The ones who stand for killing innocent babies in the womb can't be trusted and should NEVER be allowed to hold high positions in government or any public arena! God bless you for your efforts. Jack & family 10+++

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