Misguided Fans Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

Misguided Fans

Rating: 4.9

Eyes Invisible watching,
Spirit Supreme groaning...
Heart Almighty mourning...
While supporters of unborn murder
Give silent or loud shouts
To destroy innocent lives.

No word defends
Unborn murder stands!
(Fools' fans!)
Barbaric madness and error,
Hardened betrayal,
To the unborn babes' terror...
Brainless reasoners
Having deranged self-love -
The inexorable hinderer
Of sweet reason;
High treason!
Devoid of reason and love...
Pitiless assault
Of sweeping violence
On snowflakes of innocence...
Relentless participators
In lies and crimes;
Blood-guilty rejecters of God!
Know nothing of God, of love...
For love brings forth only
What is worthy of love.

Have you forgotten His Blood,
Shed for offspring of the womb
Owing to His Love?
Love - the life of the soul...
While pro-murder candidates
And the inclement fans -
Remorseless! Lunatic!
Stand all deadly wrong...

Beware when facing
The Author and Finisher of Life
There shall be no joyous song
For being unyieldingly wrong!
To reform thought before facing God,
And voiceless victims' flood...
Bought costly with Savior's Blood...
To be horrified by their agony and terror
Owing to your heartless error...
Unceasing in their misfortune,
Supporters of insupportable -
Murderous torture...
Tragic losers,
Murdering their own souls...
Allowing irreversible crimes
For perverted political goals!

Beware... God casts the final ballot!

Christian Soldier 08 May 2009

'Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform! ' Mark Twain

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Frank P. Lester 24 September 2008

What a bull's eye hit! You are right on target. What you so cleverly say here is what made leave the Dems. We are sick and tired of promises never to be kept by pumped-up politicians on ego trips. It has come down to one issue...and only one! We will go with the ones who protect life...from conception to natural death. By the way, when did the Dems become the party of death? Used to be one and I regret every vote cast in the past. Never make that mistake again. VOTE LIFE PEOPLE! The lives you save may be your own flesh and blood! Frankie and a Flood of Fans!

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Roger Guzman 02 September 2008

Hello Dr. Kardas, This is the best poetry I've read in a LONG time! What a delivery! So much truth.... I see someone could't handle it. Who in their right mind gives this poem less than a 10+++++++++++++? MUST HAVE BEEN A FOOLS' FAN! All your poems have great messages you push the boundaries of poetry to NEW HEIGHTS! Enough with the flowery rhyming about nothing important...Great work...should be in headline news! RG

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Kaye Dudley 29 August 2008

Dr. Kardas, you are certainly not a poet riding on a cloud removed from serious problems of humanity. Rightfully so, you not only have an eloquent tongue but more importantly are confronting serious moral issues. Those who support candidates who are pro-murder are equally guilty of all abortions and contribute to the moral decline and chaos in our culture. The rest of the world should know that the majority of Americans are against abortion. Protecting human life takes priority over other issues! How come people don't vote their conscience? !

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Jenifer Loring 29 August 2008

Dear Dr. Kardas, Love this poem! Perfect timing if you know what I mean. Powerfully written with most convincing argumentation. A real test for a humane and civilized society is the way it treats the voiceless, defenseless and unborn. Anyone who wants to represent what the USA really stands for would be pro-life since all human life is sacred! ! ! A candidate who is pro-abortion is NOT fit to lead our country! How can he/she be trusted if he/she lacks compassion toward the most defenseless as the unborn children are. They should study the US Constitution again!

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