Dead Water 死 水 Poem by Rachel Gao

Dead Water 死 水

Rating: 3.5

This is a ditch of desperate dead water,
Where wind can blow but raise no ripples.
Best just to throw in more scraps of copper and iron,
Might as well pour in your leftovers of cold porridge.

Perhaps the copper will green into emerald,
Tin cans rusting out stalks of peach blossoms;
Then let the grease weave up a sheet of silk,
While bacteria steam it into the clouds of dawn.

Let the dead water ferment into a ditch of green wine,
Pearl-like whitecaps floating all over;
The laughter of little pearls will turn into large pearls,
Before being bit burst by mosquitoes stealing wine.

So this ditch of desperate dead water
Can just boast of a few degrees of brightness.
And if the frogs can't bear the solitude,
Then just say the dead water will cry out a song.

This is a ditch of desperate dead water,
Which is certainly not where beauty resides,
Best just to give it up for ugliness to cultivate,
And see what kind of world he can turn it into.

Wen yi duo was a patriotic poet and fighter.In 1922, Wenyiduo went to USA to study in order to use his knowledge to serve CHINA.However, on the foreign land, the poet suffered all kinds of hardships, , Chinese were insulted and discriminated in USA.In 1925, wen yi duo retured to China early with patriotic-hearted and expectation.But after wenyiduo were back to CHINA, cruel exploitation of tangled warfare among warloads, imperialists expansion were presented to his sight...China was like a ditch of desperate dead water! ~~so the emotion of poet was from disappointed, , to extreme anger! ~under this circumstance, wenyiduo wrote down the poem 'Dead water'


死 水

闻 一 多

    这 是 一 沟 绝 望 的 死 水 ,
    清 风 吹 不 起 半 点 漪 沦 。
    不 如 多 扔 些 破 铜 烂 铁 ,
    爽 性 泼 你 的 剩 菜 残 羹 。
    也 许 铜 的 要 绿 成 翡 翠 ,
    铁 罐 上 锈 出 几 瓣 桃 花 ;
    再 让 油 腻 织 一 层 罗 绮 ,
    霉 菌 给 他 蒸 出 些 云 霞 。
    让 死 水 酵 成 一 沟 绿 酒 ,
    漂 满 了 珍 珠 似 的 白 沫 ;
    小 珠 们 笑 声 变 成 大 珠 ,
    又 被 偷 酒 的 花 蚊 咬 破 。
    那 么 一 沟 绝 望 的 死 水 ,
    也 就 夸 得 上 几 分 鲜 明 。
    如 果 青 蛙 耐 不 住 寂 寞 ,
    又 算 死 水 叫 出 了 歌 声 。
    这 是 一 沟 绝 望 的 死 水 ,
    这 里 断 不 是 美 的 所 在 ,
    不 如 让 给 丑 恶 来 开 垦 ,
    看 它 造 出 个 什 么 世 界 。

JM Maglente 16 September 2018

what is the attitude of the authors towards life?

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