Rachel Gao Poems

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Facing the sea with spring blossoms

    By Hai Zi

Dead Water 死 水

This is a ditch of desperate dead water,
Where wind can blow but raise no ripples.
Best just to throw in more scraps of copper and iron,
Might as well pour in your leftovers of cold porridge.

In Sunset's Glow

by gucheng

In the evening's glow,
your lips tightly closed,

Ode To The Oak

by shu ting

If I love you

Seven Steps Poem 七 步 诗

Seven steps poem

When Cao Cao died, his older son Cao Pi attained the throne. He was afraid of his younger brother and wanted to rid of him by some pretense. One day in Court Cao Pi forced Cao Zhi to produce a spontaneous poem within seven footsteps, otherwise facing significant punishment or even death.Here is the famous 4 sentences.

The Part Of Article 断 章

The part of article

by BianZhilin

Chance 偶 然

I am a cloud in the sky.

A chance shadow on the wave of your heart.

Shui Diao Ge Tou 水 调 歌 头

Shui diao ge tou
by su shi

IN mid-autumn festival, i drank happily overnight and got drunk, then wrote down this poem to commemorate my younger brother.

Jiang Zhenzi 江 城 子

Jiang zhenzi
by su shi

January 20th, i woke up in the midnight, i couldn't sleep because of dreaming of my wife, then wrote down the poem.

Saying Good-Bye To Cambridge Again 再 别 康 桥

Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again

by xu zhi mo

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