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Dear Creator - Poem by Compton Wright

Dear Creator please don’t be angered with my questioning of your existence
As my faith is very strong within you but yet it’s starting to fade a little though
While every question I given within a prayer every night was never answered
Which leads me wondering aimlessly along this world full of corruption and sin but
Yet you expected to turn the other cheek when your own children kill one another and
Ruining your creation of worlds called Earth but yet I blame Eve for whispering into Adam’s ear
While Adam sinks his teeth into the apple of Eden but I guess showing curiously cause
Sheer misery out of the pure garden of life and off where this world starts its downfall

As Creator I don’t fear the word called Death as sorry to say that I wait on the day to
Come around as I hope to be prepare for its arrival and yet I’m feared for my life about
The aftermath! As will my path will be emptiness while I stay asleep in complete darkness?
Will there be a heaven for me to rest in peace with everything I ever wanted or needed
Maybe there will be the flames of damnation for me for my consent sinning that I done

As not giving my life its worth but I only wished for a glimpse of my future because
I’m a lost soul, a walking outcast of an oddball but the strange part about it is I love it
Creator…I love being what I am to those judgmental eyes while I take their thoughts
Leave it in a box of lies and disbelief that this world tries to bury in its history so far

As Creator I don’t see why I continue to try to stay pure if this hateful decay of doubt
Injects inside my soul from all those addicts of depression and sadness while I know
I’m a recovering addict just jumping out of rehab of revelations of reality while Creator
I continue to strive for better but yet some say that you give too much trials and tribulations
As I feel motivated to be given more as I know you are making us stronger towards better lives

While others complain about their lives being complete hell but yet many have never been burnt
By the flames of hell or hear the screams of the fallen souls constantly grasping for a bit of salvation
Or even felt the sheer pain of the devil’s pitchfork as I’ll put your tongues on it let you found out what
Disaster taste like for once in your lives as you all have to keep moving forward and continue to strive

But Creator I know you look at all of us as beautiful but I know even the most blessed have flaws…
Give them everlasting happiness and love and they would still asked for more from you but yet I
Think they continue to pray for another day to live more peacefully because of the fact you never
Show your mark and prove these doubters wrong or you’re still waiting to choose who should be
Your prophet in our world to give us a bit light or this generation is not ready for the glimpsing truth
I wished these unanswered questions would be fulfilled and put my soul to rest when I slumber at night

As I continue to wait for a vision or a sign or even a near death experience to see these spiritual beings
Not any paranormal activity seen on cameras known as ghosts and phantoms haunting within the dark
I mean the angels and demons, the prophets and disciples that follow within the tales of our bibles as
Though we continue to answer questions like our existence and religion with science and logic but now
Understanding that I see how you work in “Mysterious Ways” Creator as I know instead of looking for
Answers by those who never seen what go beyond the living but just take a leap of faith and hope for Greatness within us all and treat everyone as an equal and end this letter with a bit of closure that I vent
Out my thoughts of questioning doubt and confused beliefs of oneself purpose being alive in this world
As sincerely yours your child…CJ Wright otherwise known as your very own creation you created…Creator

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