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Hello My name is Compton Wright but you can call me CJ

Welcome to my thoughts of poetry as I will show you as well as the world that even the littlest creativity can turn into a limitless knowledge and creativity so sit back and relax as you can get a sample of how my mind spread, widen and expand through out the world. the love that I have for po ...

Compton Wright Poems

Finding Myself! ! !

Finding me…is like trying to solve the Da Vinci code
The puzzles continues to build walls and barricades
A millions of doors of broken images and dreams
It truly easy to lose one’s self image and thoughts

Crossing The Line! ! !

Why can we cross the line my young best friend
As you are my close friend which is rare
To come by these days of betrayal and lust
But yet...a sudden hidden feeling of passion

Don’t Change One Bit! ! !

Lately you've been questioning
if I still see you the same way
but through these trying years
We going both physically change

A Poet's Confession

So many years walking in this lifetime
Seeing the vile truth about my existence
For ages I stayed pure in my soul but yet…
Sheer sin and evil is my fate and my soul design

A Son's Confessions! ! !

My past wasn't the prettiest but it was something.
Looking back I hated my father.
It kind of made me sick to my stomach.
When I look in the mirror I saw my father in me

Compton Wright Comments

Tyease Collins 14 January 2012

We're going back to the original place where I first met this wonderful poet. I know it's been 5 incredible years that I've known him, but he's sincerely one of the most beautiful people (inside and out) that I've ever talked to, He's incredibly considerate, passionate, handsome, and his intellect is out of this world. Compton Wright no matter what your future brings, it's going to be extremely bright. If you have no one else to be there for you...I will. You're my other best friend. One day we'll both try again to be lovers, but until then I love where we are now. I love you Compton, and never change the person that you are. I adore you [3

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