Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Dear God - Poem by Justin Reamer

Dear God,

You are the greatest gift
That I have in life,
For You are the Creator,
And You are the Master,
And You are the Father in Heaven.

I love You so much,
And I cannot thank You
Enough for all You have
Done for a simpleton
Like me,
A mere human being
Who has a heart,
But is still
Not purified from
And who is impure and petty,
More than the angels in heaven.

I do not deserve Your Blessings, Lord,
But I am Your servant,
And I will serve You in every
Way I can,
With my every thought,
Action, and word,
Which comes through
My very body,
Which is Your temple.

And, yes, Lord, I am Your Instrument,
And if you ask anything of me,
I shall do it,
For You can take control
Of my body,
That which You alone created,
And can work through me.
I will do anything You ask,
For I am Your faithful servant.

Dear God,
I also want to thank You
For everything you have
Given me,
And every blessing
That You have blessed me with.

Thank You, Lord,
For blessing my family
With everything we have,
And thank You for helping us
Through our hard times,
And thank You for saving
Us from my father
Who tried to throw us
Out onto the street.

Thank You, Lord,
For also protecting me
From harm,
No matter who threatened me,
And no matter who
Wanted to hurt me,
You kept me safe,
And I thank You for that.

Thank You, Lord,
For saving me from
Death's embrace
Four times,
Including when
I broke my skull,
When I tried to
Commit suicide,
When I was incredibly
Ill with the weird ailment
That I had,
And when I got into
The accident
That, fortunately,
Did not take anyone's lives.
I am glad that
You kept me alive,
And I am happy that
You are always looking out for me.

Thank You, Lord,
For also saving me from
My depression,
And helping me find happiness,
For if it was not for You,
I probably would not
Be living right now.

Thank You, Lord,
Also for all the opportunities
I have had throughout
The years
And the great education
I have had
And all the gifts and talents
You have given me.
You have blessed me,
And I love you so much,
That there is no greater joy
Than You.

And, Dear Lord,
I am about to start college
In about a day,
And I will always remain faithful
To You.
But as I start college,
And classes,
Please help me to stay
Focused and to keep my
Head on straight,
And to always be
Responsible for all
Of my actions,
My tasks,
My thoughts,
And my words.
Please help me to make
Good decisions
And to stay away
From people or things
That may be harmful to me
Or to others.
Please help me to stay on
The right track as
I did on my senior year,
And help me to manage
My time wisely,
Above all else.

And, Dear Lord,
Please help Hannah Kemp
To be happy,
And help her to be
Happy, no matter
If she broke up
With Reed or if she
Is still dating him,
And help her to always
Have joy in this world,
As I always remembered her
To have in high school.

And, Dear Lord,
Please help Sean
To get his act together
This year,
And help him to stay on track
And to study
And to do his assignments
And to do well in school
So that he can achieve his dreams.
I pray so that he can be what
He wants to be in the long run,
And I hope he has learned his lesson.

And, Dear Lord,
Please help my family
To be okay,
With me gone from home,
And please help them to endure without me.
I hope they will be fine,
And I hope they will be safe.

And, Dear Lord,
Please help Elyse
To be safe in med school
And not to become depressed
And to keep on pushing in her
Hardest times,
So that she can achieve
Her full potential.

And, Lord,
Thank You for all of the
Friends and family
I have and all of
The new friends
That I am making here
In college.
I appreciate You helping
Me find people I care about
And people who care about me,
So that we all have a support
Group that we can count on
Each other,
And I thank You for everything
You have done, Lord,
For You are great,
And You are an Awesome God.

Thank You for everything, Lord,
And You are the greatest being
In all of the universe.

Thank You for all You have done.

In Your Name, I pray.


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