Dear Halimos Poem by Mohamedkhadar Yussuf

Dear Halimos

I know you will turn red when you finish reading this.

I know you will grimace, I know you will be mad at me for revealing everything.

But dear, I'm concerned, I'm not comfortable, I just have to say it.

Spill it all. Because I can't just sit back and watch all these.

It is about your behaviour, dear.

What do you expect me to do or say when you wear a tight and light

cabaya (dress) that can reveal your everything?

That cabaya that can show the colour and shape of your undies?

That cabaya that can reveal your basque or brassiere?

What about when you put on a small chunia (scarf) that can't

cover your cleavage? That can't hide your bosom?

Courtesy demands that you don't reveal such stuffs.

It demands that you wear something big and opaque.

It demands that you hide your body the best way possible.

Let people not say naagtan qaawan arka!

Oh, and did I mention the reddish thing on your lips?

It is nauseating, it makes us feel queasy.

I'm not saying you shouldn't apply it but there is a limit.

Apply it reasonably; let people not say afkeeda gududan arka!

Dear, I know you're beautiful, we all know.

God made you that way and there is no need of more beauty.

It is not there! Don't try to change your face. It is attractive.

That chemical will not make you beautiful, it will destroy

your face, turnish your image. Attract God's wrath unto you

and make people say wajigeda gubte araka!

Dear, don't ride on the back of motorbikes.

Those motorbikes ridden by ajnabis.

Isn't it embarrassing sitting that style and holding onto

those ajnabis' backs? Isn't it embarrassing revealing your

bare leg?

It is embarrassing! And people will say naagtan maxa ceebeye?

Dear, you are in a mess. This has to stop.

I know you're mad at me at the moment with a lot in your mind

You can call me a pervert, quirk, kook whatever but be decent!

Yours truly. ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: advice
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