Dear John, My Darling Son Poem by Catherine Agunat

Dear John, My Darling Son

DearJohn, my darling son
Joy of my life, my only one
In every poem I write, you're the lyrics and rhyme
Gift of the Divine, sweet child of mine

Oh, I love you so
And I let you know,
That I treasure you too
'Coz God gave me you

When you are three, I heard you pray
' Lord, please ask my dad to come home and stay'
With your ball and he, you long to play
' I love you dad, ' you miss to say

Son, As you grow
You will come to know
Not every dream, not every wish
Will be come true

I may not be the perfect mom
Who can stay beside you at all-time
And hopefully, you understand
That I'm away, for your future son

Someday my love, you will be a man
A father of two or three, and a husband
But deep in my heart, my darling John
You will always be my beloved one

If time will come, that I am gone
Forget me not, my little man
Sweet memoirs with your mom, may forever
remain at you heart and mind
My dearest one, please continue to play
this verse of mine

Dear John, my darling son

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