Catherine Agunat Poems

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Tula (Tagalog Poem)

Diyosa ng puso't isipan
Yamang di matutumbasan
Diwang nagbibigay buhay
Sa kaluluwang may tamlay

To My Inspiration

In my solitary night,
You came without expectation
and embraced me
with your glimmering light,

Where The Roses Never Fade

At the place where the roses never fade
Everywhere are countless topaz and jade
The water of the river is vivid
Its pebbles are so splendid

With My Guitar

With my guitar
I can sing the song
of the spring breeze,
I can utter those words 


For the rest of my life
O Lord, I will worship you
Your breath is my life
In your words, I'll never get tired

I Love You

I love you....

I said it to you with the wind
playing like a puppy in the sand,

My Life's Cycle And Science

If the science of life is 'biology'
Surely, it is when
I came to the world
through the natural way.

Diwata Ng Kalikasan

Ang diwata ng kalikasan
Nalulungkot sa tuyong kapaligiran
Kaya lumuhod at nanalangin sa Kataas-taasan
Nawa'y ibuhos mapagpalang ulan

Ina (Tagalog Poem)

Hindi ka man isang pintor
Ng mga obra sa Roma
Pagmamahal mong wagas
Sa tahana'y ipinamalas

On That Lovely Night

The moon is full and three - quarters high,
When his urbane - look appeared to the
lucid imagination of this two- eye.
Dressed in tuxedo with a refined figure

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