Dear Love 2.0 Poem by Natasha Andeyi

Dear Love 2.0

Rating: 5.0

Dear Love,
My desire it was, not long ago to be your student,
My grades, not excellent yet, and maybe never,
But perfection has never been your goal,
You only want the desire and need the commitment,
Both of which I'll seek to have, daily if a must.

But so far, it's with the understanding.
When you're around, they put on each other's shoes,
Then try to perceive why they do what they do.
Without the pointing of fingers or the proclamation of sainthood,
Just the understanding that thy neighbor is not thyself, and so different will be their ways.

It's with the forgiveness.
One of the hardest to do, but very possible when there's understanding.
If I place myself in the shoes of the other, I'll realize my actions would have not been better.
And so by becoming them in that moment, I know that their actions always have a because.
The pain has broken. Of course it has damaged. But letting it go is why you're the greatest of them all.

It's also with the patience.
You've never been a fun of the flash. One of your mantras in life is one step at a time.
If it's real then it needs not to be rushed, after all, it will go no where because its home has been found.
You work with time often, yielding the best of everything.
My desire is to join this team, because the best of me I want to be.

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