Natasha Andeyi Poems

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Courage To Leave

Loving you is messing me up, never before have I been afraid of the unknown.
Not knowing how you'll feel about me the next day; whether your feelings will change or stay the same,
is killing me inside.
For how long will this last?

More Than The Diamonds Underneath

I'd write you in a million words,
But that still won't be enough.
When I think I'm out of ways to describe you,
Somehow your existence reminds me of the power of your presence.


It's always the irony.
Non-saints loathing the proclaimed sinners, breeding condemnation.
And I'm widening the irony,
wondering why the already condemned are busy condemning.

Abnormally Normal

They say for your action, be prepared for a counteraction.
Good and bad, either or both will come to pass.
But what if the action is not of my doing, should I still be a recipient of the aftermath?
Is the price to be paid lenient or is it as merciless as it could have been if I were the doer?


Heal? Yes, Heal.
I want to, I'm doing my very best.
I'm healing every day.
And each day I turn a new page.

She's Intoxicating

Be careful. The only thing I'd tell her stans. She's a drug, intoxicating without a try. Not much to your surprise, she's very much aware. You can tell by the way she keeps gassing the fire. The fire that burns her so called loves right in the core of their hearts. They think they are alright. What option do they have.

Blinded by the fifteen seconds of fame. So much love she has for them. Or so they think.

Alive Thoughts

I'm probably not your type.
I may never exist in your world.
But it won't break a heart to imagine my soul is bound to yours.
If push comes to shove,

She's Grown. She's Living. She's Growing.

She's grown. Something she thought was going to be a walk in the park, but life hasn't seized with the surprises so far.
From Fear, she realized she'll die after all. And nothing is permanent.
From Judgement, she noticed the clogs in the eyes of the souls she meets once in the often while.
From Regret, she gave her mistakes some reflection and realized they were the lessons that led to her kind.

The Art Of Pretence

Amazing how humans have mastered the art of pretence.

Not so long ago since I embraced behind the scenes for a role. But for the longest, the front scenes the biggest deal, or so I thought. But boy oh boy was I wrong! My lenses the magic they had not shot.

To Forever, And Always

It was not long ago when our worlds were far apart.
No point there was, in being in each other's lives.
But a whole difference is brought, now that we're in each other's arms.
You make my life whole, even though I thought it was already complete.

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