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Loving you is messing me up, never before have I been afraid of the unknown.
Not knowing how you'll feel about me the next day; whether your feelings will change or stay the same,
is killing me inside.
For how long will this last?

I'd write you in a million words,
But that still won't be enough.
When I think I'm out of ways to describe you,
Somehow your existence reminds me of the power of your presence.

It's always the irony.
Non-saints loathing the proclaimed sinners, breeding condemnation.
And I'm widening the irony,
wondering why the already condemned are busy condemning.

They say for your action, be prepared for a counteraction.
Good and bad, either or both will come to pass.
But what if the action is not of my doing, should I still be a recipient of the aftermath?
Is the price to be paid lenient or is it as merciless as it could have been if I were the doer?


Heal? Yes, Heal.
I want to, I'm doing my very best.
I'm healing every day.
And each day I turn a new page.

Be careful. The only thing I'd tell her stans. She's a drug, intoxicating without a try. Not much to your surprise, she's very much aware. You can tell by the way she keeps gassing the fire. The fire that burns her so called loves right in the core of their hearts. They think they are alright. What option do they have.

Blinded by the fifteen seconds of fame. So much love she has for them. Or so they think.

I'm probably not your type.
I may never exist in your world.
But it won't break a heart to imagine my soul is bound to yours.
If push comes to shove,

She's grown. Something she thought was going to be a walk in the park, but life hasn't seized with the surprises so far.
From Fear, she realized she'll die after all. And nothing is permanent.
From Judgement, she noticed the clogs in the eyes of the souls she meets once in the often while.
From Regret, she gave her mistakes some reflection and realized they were the lessons that led to her kind.

Amazing how humans have mastered the art of pretence.

Not so long ago since I embraced behind the scenes for a role. But for the longest, the front scenes the biggest deal, or so I thought. But boy oh boy was I wrong! My lenses the magic they had not shot.

It was not long ago when our worlds were far apart.
No point there was, in being in each other's lives.
But a whole difference is brought, now that we're in each other's arms.
You make my life whole, even though I thought it was already complete.

I can't get my eyes off your shyness, it's sexier than you think
My head is not right, don't even ask about the effect of your touch
You like to drive me nuts, you say it makes you laugh
But on a serious note, we don't need all these people around

You're the prize and big wins look best on me.
Whatever the fight, whichever the battle. I'll find myself on the highest stand with you as my ultimate prize.
I'll hold you high and remind them that you're my best crown.
I'll treat you like the blessing that you are.

Broken and bruised, unseen scars for proof.
Set off the trigger, and the proof is seen.
Damaged and ruined, yet a living piece under one roof.
All is well is their outside scene.

I'm better off convinced that you don't alter my sense of being,
I breathe easily when persuaded that don't take my breath away,
Words come easily with a blind eye to the fact that you just drew everyone your way,
My heart beats normally only with a way out of the nerves you bring with the sight you hold so proudly.

Wonder why I'm always in your corner,
Gassing you up and cheering you on,
Giving you reasons to keep going, especially when you don't want to,
Defending and backing you whether you're right or wrong?

To a Love that finds us when we least expect it but entirely welcome it;
To a Love that makes the effort to knock the door, to ask the intriguing questions and welcome the uncomfortable conversations;
To a Love that makes the effort to Love us in our own language, no matter how foreign;
To a Love that makes the heart settle in its insecurities;

Though not visible from an immediate point of view,
It is often the only view when you open your third eye.
And though that might take a while,
It becomes the only debt that is forever due.

I don't want my door ever lined by the gaze of those limited by superficiality,
Neither do I wish for the days of standing on the other side waiting for a knock out of the yearning of being alone.

As much as it is the greatest happiness of existence,

To Love another is to learn a foreign language,
Just as it would feel peculiar to the mind and tounge on the first try,
It often gets familiar as the time goes by.

It's hard enough to have insecurities,
Even harder to live with them.
How so for foreign eyes that didn't grow up to witness them,
Or for a foreign touch when they are scars?

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Courage To Leave

Loving you is messing me up, never before have I been afraid of the unknown.
Not knowing how you'll feel about me the next day; whether your feelings will change or stay the same,
is killing me inside.
For how long will this last?

Am I not worthy of your love?
Or I'm the one downplaying my worth...
Because they say such as this is not true love.
But what should I do when I can't handle the absence of your love?

You're here, so there's something that drew you to me.
Or was it just a need you wanted fulfilled while you waited for the real deal?
If it is, I beg you let me be. Slowly so I don't loose my shit.
Hopefully, I will have gathered the courage to leave.

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Everyone is living their lives with the cards given to them, which they often didn't pick by themselves. A little grace on others is a lot of grace on you.

We grow, we change. It only makes sense that we meet and keep people that complement the person we become.

Only you can truly understand your life, because only you know the stages you're at.

Love making is all aspects of your being in play. Sex, is your body responding to your mind's urgent need.

Just because you have a lot in common doesn't mean you're soulmates. You'd be surprised by the things that tie two souls together.

At a certain point in life, in that crossroad, the level of respect you owe to yourself should be greater than the love you have for them.

Be careful, not fearful.

Even the right person can leave if the environment is not fit.

It has always been, but not the only way to be

I thank the universe that God is not human and the humans are not God, because there are things in this world that only God should handle.

Not everyone is disappointing when it comes to love. Some people are actually making the effort to grow and become the best versions of themselves. Don't let the internet fool you.

Find peace with living the life that was destined for you. Complex, complicated or as simple as it may be.

You can't play victim in this life for long, in fact, don't. You'll loose.

Sometimes I wonder why people behave the way they do...then I remember not everyone has experienced what I've been through.

It is very important to give, but also find it in you to receive. I know of givers who have the hardest time receiving.

What you are is not good enough, it is the best there could be. Love it with all that you are.

The one time I really sat down to learn about me was the only time I was truly broken.

Let your dreams be the most daring thing about you and your faith the most tenacious.

Your goodness can be the death of you, just like their wickedness.

People like it quick and easy, that is why they receive mediocre and simplicity. If you want otherwise, be patient and diligent.

You cannot believe in God and at the same time expect things to go your way. He is a jealous God. His will, His way, His time. Never forget that.

Whatever thing or a person that is making you second guess your worth is not yours to keep. Let it be and let them go. You're always worthy of the best. Believe and act the part.

Some things and some people; including you, are constants.

You cannot continue unless you first begin.

Once in a while, do your everyday ordinary differently.

What was born in you to prioritize is not the same with another. Stay in your lane, with respect and content.

Master the art of patience and you'll have conquered half the race.

Don't be the reason somebody has to heal.

Part of Healing is accepting the cause of the pain. Are you partially or fully responsible for it? The more you deny this responsibility, the longer your healing will take. And the harder it will be to perceive the lesson.

It doesn't matter how smart you are, lies simply never add up.

The best results are often received where there is team work. Let the heart and mind forget this and you will continue to let their words and not actions speak.

Unless it's clarified with words or deeds, there's no need of filling the blank spaces with your own stuff.

Embrace evil. Don't become it, just embrace it. Embrace its nature to perceive its lessons. That way, you will understand why it was created.

Some bit of flaws instills some level of humility. The aspect of having to strive to be a better person helps you to realize that there's so much you do not know and a lot even more you'll never understand, so you choose the timid path.

Woe to anyone who looks at a human with a constant eye. Open your third eye, foresee the aftermath of their change and maybe you'll have a lot of grace. Not just on you but on them as well.

Fight for you first. Spend on you the most. Appreciate you with the best. Be the most kind to your soul. All things best is on you, first and foremost. It may sound selfish, but those who know how this works will tell you for free that these are the rare souls in existence.

Make it a personal goal to never play victim in this life. Turn whatever negative circumstance into a situation worth looking at, by you and everyone that is all about you.

Live your life for you. Forget this and the pain of the memory of what could have been had you done otherwise will destroy the peace part of your resting in paradise.

Learn from everyone, search everything. Listen and understand all opinions and perceive their origin. No one is a master of the life we so live, and nobody is entirely foolish either. By the end of the day, we're all just trying to maneuver our way to our destinies.

The universe only has the back of those who are willing and ready to try.

Time is equated to money but money can never fit in the shadow of time.

One weird fact about life is that you don't usually realize that you're learning lessons when you're learning them; if you're learning them. It only hits you afterwards when the lesson is done with its tutorship and stuck in your memory.

Tomorrow is not a card to bet on, at least not when you're a mere mortal.

Whichever category they come in, never let in someone who knows not their worth, for they'll never know yours.

Life gives you what you need, so if what you want is not a need, your desire will be met when it becomes a need.

Love makes anything work.

Don't be so comfortable with exposing your ignorance on the internet in the name of your opinion.

For as long as you do not know one's story, keep those opinions you have to yourself.

Forget the other's issues, your audience will always find you.

Everybody is a product of their life experiences. You are you because of what you've gone through.

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