Dear Mother.. Poem by Karpop Riba

Dear Mother..

Oh mother dear! what words could I ever say?
To capture the endless love you give each day,
You've been my guide, my rock, my shining star,
Through every joy and every painful scar.

Your grace and strength like an endless sea,
Gives me hope and sets my spirit free,
You taught me how to walk, to run, to dream,
And held my hand as the world fast did stream.

In every smile, a million stories hide,
Of sleepless nights and tears you dried,
Of songs you sang to light up my soul,
And the comfort you offered to make me whole.

In every hug, there's a promise of safety and love,
A bond that strengthens with each passing dove,
And even in moments of trial and strife,
You've been my compass, my anchor, my life.

On this special day, I find no words to express,
How much your love means, how much you bless,
But I'll try with every breath that I take,
To let you know, my love won't ever go faint.

So here's to you, my dear mother, my heart,
The one who taught me to paint with every part,
Of life's complex tapestry stitched with care,
And nurtured my dreams.. so they could rise and fare.

Though nothing can repay the love you've given,
I promise this, my love will never be driven,
By distance, time, or any other force,
For in me...your love will forever hold course.

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