Diamond In The Dark Poem by Karpop Riba

Diamond In The Dark

In the labyrinth of despair, where the illumination fails to penetrate,
I stand solitary, grappling with winds of adversity that agitate.
These tenebrous instants, they toss me asunder and assault,
As I am but a flimsy feather, caught up in capricious thunderbolts.

The weight of endurance forces me down, a mighty peak to surmount,
Threatening to obliterate me, like a fortress full of malevolent count.
The phantasms that besiege my mind, they scour and scorch with cruelty,
Sending me hurtling, teetering on the brink of an abyss filled with enmity.

Yet I hold a covert, a powerful strength that lingers still,
An ember that can enkindle, regardless of how much darkness spills.
For every tempest, a kaleidoscopic arc, a silver core to discern,
A flicker of radiance in the hours of night, in the untold stories to turn.

And so I battle with all my might, through the obscurity and the ache;
In search of the light, striving to extricate my spirit from this unyielding stake.
For I know that my course culminates in clarity, in a luminous path of iridescence,
Wherein I emerge triumphant, a warrior who has triumphed over adversity's belligerence.

Dear Reader, Do you ever feel like life is trying to tear you down? Like the road you're on is endless, filled with hurdles and obstacles at every turn? It's okay, we've all been there. But I'm here to remind you that, even in the darkest of moments, you possess an unbreakable strength that can help you overcome the toughest challenges. My poem speaks to the fight within you, the spark of hope that burns even when all else seems lost. It recognizes the battles you've won and the adversity you've faced, and encourages you to keep persevering towards the light. So, reader, take heart. You are not alone in your struggles, and you possess an inner fortitude that can move mountains. Let this poem be a reminder to never give up, even when the journey ahead seems impossible. Sincerely, The Writer🌸🦭
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