Death! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore


By Stanley Collymore

Obviously not something that
most people want to think
of far less so talk about
despite the fact that whether we do
like or actually distinctly abhor the
notion of it, Death nevertheless is
for everyone of us inevitable. But
even so in spite of what's clearly
been said and effectively taking
into full consideration, the clear
fact that there're actually those
who most categorically neither
waste time truly mulling about
it or basically simply aren't the
least bit that concerned about
something, which irrespective
of whatever anyone obviously
thinks will truly occur anyway.

So there is quite undeniably
so, considerable numbers
of people, who distinctly
through dire, and very unforeseen
circumstances, essentially within
their own personal life, inevitably
and very often necessarily so do
conclude that Death, is the right
choice for them. And even if it's
not evidently embarked on with
any great panache; stimulating
enthusiasm or heralded élan is
nevertheless, what they're very
consciously doing, still literally
considered, very appropriately
in these apt circumstances as
a hugely informed choice and
ideal plan, fully in conjunction
with the right choice for them.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
28 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Death: The most indomitable leveller of mankind; but similarly too, the eternal and quite unsurpassable recycler of humanity!

No one can, as it currently stands, live or expect to live forever as Nature, or God if you choose to go down that particular route of reasoning, presumably objectively, but all the same sensibly, determined had to be the case. And conclusively ensuring that everyone on Planet Earth: regardless of who they actually or preferentially in numerous cases delusionally like to assume that they are, will bite the dust eventually; and regardless of what elaborate ceremonies or not are engaged in for inevitable passing, will unless they're cremated become a feast fest for the lowly worms that will most voraciously, excitedly and unchallegeably devour these fetid and distinctly rotting bodies.

What a come down! When specifically for decades you've rather imperiously, quite distinctly so self-servingly; additionally self-entitledly, and most ludicrously as well, supposedly by the Divine Right of the Almighty, so patronizingly condescendingly and egregiously most uncaringly lorded it over your brainwashed and brownnosing sycophantic, monarchically obsessed peasantry!

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