Irony Totally Lost On These Lowlife, Racist Dimwits! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Irony Totally Lost On These Lowlife, Racist Dimwits!

By Stanley Collymore

Does anyone else apart from
me think it odd that people
who think nothing, at all,
in throwing Nazi salutes
would be surging on London
to allegedly then physically
safeguard the statue of a
man who plenty of dim-
wits and so obviously
include themselves,
in their evilly sick
and very twisted
racially vibrant
minds within
the UK, think

did rather courageously
and singlehandedly in
that very internecine
European war cause
the demise of Herr
Adolf Hitler along with
his European Nazis,
while capably too
a white-run
and solely

(C)Stanley Collymore
29 August 2020.

Author's Comments:
It's a well known and equally as well a firmly established fact that the more intensely stupid that such sociopathic, generally too psychopathic, and quite significantly evident such irrefutably, discernibly intellectually challenged, undeniably verminously lowlife pillocks are, the more firmly and rather obsessively inclined they undoubtedly are, to all rational minds, to staunchly believe in their non-existent white superiority and corresponding white supremacist, rhetorical garbage.

And with Dyke inclined, arch-racist Margaret Thatcher's regime having quite short-sightedly, stupidly and avariciously permanently closed the overriding majority of Britain's then mental hospitals while very nakedly, then avariciously selling these vital psychiatric hospitals to Conservative and similarly likeminded capitalist developers plus their political donors, what was left of sane Britain would quite soon and irreversibly, and still is today, markedly contaminated by these disgustingly odious, repellantly mendacious scum together with their plethora of similarly and decidedly lazy, workshy recurringly produced, likewise social benefits scrounging, bastards!

Soran M. H 31 August 2020

in their evilly sick and very twisted racially vibrant

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Soran M. H 31 August 2020

don't worry we all think with you it is odd

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Soran M. H 31 August 2020

very well penned masterpiece of poem, only a genuine poet with an open mind can write this amazing work, congratulations and it deserves 10++

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