Death In Flinders Lane

The City was quiet under Winter dawn skies
And so few on the street before sunrise
But gunfire on Flinders Lane did echo around
Amongst two badly injured one dead to be found.

Melburnians awoke not for the first time
To the terrible news of one more heinous crime
The murderer had discarded his jacket and gun
A dangerous criminal is on the run.

An innocent person dead on Flinders Lane lay
For trying to help a harassed woman with his life he did pay
A young family person with children and wife
'Twas a tragic ending to a decent man's life.

It may not be in Melbourne but in some distant Town
That the dangerous criminal the police will track down
Though such as he finds glory in acts of shame
The police know him by appearance and they know him by name.

An overcast sky it was threatening to rain
And a gray dawn was breaking above Flinders Lane
Till an angry young man discharged his gun to kill and calmly walked away
In the gray Winter's dawn of a Melbourne day.

Robert Murray Smith 22 July 2018

Excellent. I remember this shocking crime.++10

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