Death Poems: 440 / 500

' Death, Is A Pirate... '

Rating: 2.5

Death, Is A Pirate
Who, Plunders Our Treasure
In Stolen Lives
And Grief, Without Measure

Death, Raids The Waters
Of All Humankind
Death, Is The Thief
Who Treads Our Time

His Cannonballs Blast
Dreams To Oblivion
His Skull and Crossbones
Raze Horizons

Death, Sails The Seas
Of All Mortal Beings
The Dreaded Sea King’s
Patch-Eye … Is Seeking

And Boot-Leg To Loot
Our Lagoons Of Love
Death Is Looking To Fill
His Deadman’s Chest Of:

... Gems Of Light
Jewels Of Laughter
The Family’s Gold and Silver …
Death, Is After

Death’s Salty Water
Crusts Our Ships’ Hold
Anchors Our Hopes
Plunge Cutlass To Souls

… Divides ill-gotten-gains
With Greedy Hands
As His Shipwreck Spoil
Reach No- Man’s-Land

Death, Is A Pirate
Who Takes Great Pleasure
To Turn Our Riches
Into Buried Treasure

But An Admiral Of Mercy
With The Flag Of The Son! ….
Will Blow Death’s Fleet
To Kingdom Come!

And Barricade Stronghold
With A Mighty Command
To Unearth The Wealth
Of The Lost Treasure Island

* * *
Death, As A Pirate
Was Put To Rest
By The Almighty Admiral
His Name, We Bless

Written & ©: 5/24/10

By: The MoonBee