Facts Poems: 222 / 500

' Cyberspace Secrets... '

Rating: 2.5

A Voyage Where Adventure Must Invite:
Off Mega-Hurts (MHz) - - - - thru Giga-Bites (Gbyte)
And Reboots, Resets and Reduced – Sites
… into CyberSpace’s Secret – Flight…

An Inner Sanctum – Leaving from A Void
of Dreamless Drones or Disposable Droids
whose Mechanical Moves are quite Paranoid
Poised to Replace Super-Hero-Humanoids…

… and their CyberSpace Secrets…
of Convertible – Virtuals – Rushing like Jets
Suggestible – Intellectual – hasn’t Arched Yet
Yes, that’s Conjectural, even a Lamentable Retrospect

… so let’s… get into our CyberSpace’s Secrets-Chest
into Circuitry of Micro-Chips and The Matrix’s Breast
where Modem and Mainframe can Process Trip and Test
and View Monitored Progress and onward Press…

… The Auto Pilot… Tho’ We Should Not Forget
Manual Conversion, is better, when used to Connect
Real People, Who File-by with Knowledge and Respect
Programmed Codes of CyberSpace – Specs

… So May I Journey Into Your CyberSpace?
Let me Scan and Search Thru – Your Data Base
I want more than Information… I Want Interface!
And A Fusion of Feelings and Facts, Fast-Paced!

… Oh, The Complexity, The Intensity, Ingenuity and Affinity…
The Enormity of The Capacity for Sensitivity or Voracity
The Trajectory and Congruency, makes A Sweet CyberSpace Symmetry
Your Beauty and Ability, I must ask, “Boy, Who’s Your D-a-d-d-y!

See, I’m Dropping Crumbs; like Hansel and Gretel
See, I’m All Thumbs; at Gifs and Pixels, at This Level
Seems You’re Still Skipping On Blast-Off-Key (Launch) Pad Missiles
Too Far Away to Hear – My Wavelength, Whistles…

Come Back! Help me Lift this Artificial-Escape Lid!
Are You ‘Lost In Space’ – Gone Off The Grid?
The Heart of Dark-Matter – ‘Where Have You Hid…
…Your CyberSpace Secrets Amid? ...

… What Vector, What Sector, What Intranet
What Satellite, What Planet, Which Parapet?
What Sequence, Star System, Radius, Apex…
Oh, Signal Me From Your CyberSpace Trek!

… Just Let Me Into Your CyberSpace
Let Me Scan and Search Thru Your Data Base
The Time-Warp – Continuum is NOW… Make Haste
Give A Flash, A Bleep… Some Navigation Trace! ...

… Excuse me, I don’t mean to Static Cling…
to this Screen… But, did your Com - on, mean Anything?
Don’t Blink-Blink – Blank Stare Me, Give Back a Beam! ...
… into This Cybernetic Scheme…

Aaaah, The Constant-Kinetic Indicator… Right There!
Like A Neon-Escalator Suspended in Air
A Dimensional-Conduit… Oh Captain, You Care! ...
Your CyberSpace Secrets, Sent To Share…

Let Me Into Your CyberSpace
Let Me Scan and Long-Search Thru, Your Data Base
I want more than Information… I Want Interface
… and Forever Float in Your CyberSpace…

Your CyberSpace Secrets, I Will Chase….

Written & © 8/23/09

by: The MoonBee