' Dip Into A December Day... '

Rating: 2.6

(Eph.5: 20 / James 1: 17 / Matt.13: 10–15)

Dip Into A December Day
Come Outside and Let Us Play
Put Coat of Crystal Courage On
and Sing A Fireplace Song

Dip Into A December Day
Come Let’s Hear What Weather Says
Thru Earmuffs & Knitted Scarves
and Seagulls’ Cries On Wharfs

… Bite Into A Chilly-Fog
Shake Off Frosty Snowflakes … Jog!
Breathe In Air – Leave It Mist …
Give December’s Cheeks A Warm-Wet Kiss!

Dip Into A December Day
Even If It Seems Cold & Gray
It’s Really Cozy & Silver …
Blankets & Arms Pays Off Shivers

Dip Into A December Day
Families Gather Round This Way
Cooler Currents Slows Heated-Blood
and Ice-Freeze Hurry-Floods

In The Evenings’ At-Home-Hush
December’s Peace Is Household-Plush
With Muted Lights & Wispy Moon
Take A Dip In December’s Spoon

Longer Hours – Seem Somber-Hued
But It’s Pace’s A Tingly Interlude
Spiced Teas, Hot Coffee & Cocoa Cups
Dip Into December & Drink It Up! …

December Is Last Month of The Year
But Let Each Day of Life Be First Day of Cheer
To Dip Into A December Day
… and Thank GOD For It When You Pray

Written & ©: 12/5/2011

By: The MoonBee