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Death Is Inevitable Anytime

Death hovers over our heads, but We love life and all pretty pleasures, It is unavoidable and it is inevitable Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Everyday a lot of people die in different Ways good or bad, suddenly or by accident, And by many ways even if they have different names, Death's arrow never fails when its time comes Because it is unavoidable and it is inevitable, Life is a pretty right, then death is something That comes to us without any permit anytime, Those who died long time ago were pretty people, but They could not do anything when their time came, Our relatives and our friends die in different ways And even ourselves we die in different ways, Death is scary and unavoidable anytime because it is Something normal like life and it is inevitable, I had a lot of friends and relatives passed away Suddenly or by different ways because their time came, Life is lovely and pretty, but death always waits In different corners to hit with its unexpected arrow, so Had we prepared ourselves for any unexpected things, We would have got some relief in our life anytime.