Death Overcomes Upon Everyone Is Alive Poem by Ahmad Shawqi

Death Overcomes Upon Everyone Is Alive

Death overcomes upon everyone is alive undoubtedly.
Yet it harvests all generations up to now follow sequently.
Bygone people left the life century after century.
Neither foregone nor come after shall remain finally.
What thing still reminds thee on them to count?
Is it only just scattered petty heaps of remnant?
Didn't you see that many scepters had been tumbled?
Otherwise, many battlefields and horses had been folded
Only the dusts trail cover its page still witness.
Likewise, millstone crushes bodies yet it remains.
Every tomb on the wilderness in like manner,
It is deemed the definite approach to each creature.
From any direction they will be driven.
And each one of them must be put on coffin.
Sun would raise attractively as if strong myth.
No longer and it withdraws as if curved scythe.
Sun appears as a red disk on the sky naturally.
Scythe, someone has made it crooked manually.
If only I knew! Do they insist on this intentional reason?
Or they adopt this manner as a result of their different origin.
No soul can be awake forever and remains resisting.
Nothing can persist as long as the death is persisting.
O, pigeon thinks thyself is happy.
Never can you remain forever lucky.
It is bored from crying pretends chanting.
Many bereaved pigeons sadly pretend singing.
Be patient and wise, there is not pet has constant affinity.
No more and it will depart its owner and gone away.
Do you pigeons think to this life meditatively?
Understanding matters is deemed a half of right way.
Lifestyle is venturing on health at the expense of safety.
Consolation is rooted on bliss and separation built on cordiality.
Life honey is to be collected despite of bees' stings.
What the result is, even if it is at expense of harming.
Doom is not excepted awake one or sleeping.
Fate waits them to be taken away under its observing.
Lion he is but the fate leaving him not to be survived.
Perhaps falcon on its corpus can be fed on and revived.
Coffin drove the president far away slowly.
Death funeral took him to the cemetery.
All wooden boards ever they where are wrongful.
Excluded the coffin's boards only is rightful.
Means of carrying take rest one day on their course.
But this coffin since Iram still carries dead corpus.
They had not significance when they were riding on horses.
Nor they had dominated upon people by their forces.
Do you ask thyself about the reality of death way?
Do you prepare thy ammunition to this certain day?
Look! Do you see the Egyptian throngs there passed?
Naked chests view wrapped with black and saddened.
He is the crown of Egypt's freemen since his childhood.
Egyptians were sad to see him was carrying over wood.
They buried him under the ground feel sorrowfully
He struggled for their purpose long times sleeplessly
They left him away considering him as one javelin on battle
Indeed, he was the symbol of generosity and struggle.
O, departee your sufferance had reached its purpose
The misfortune was gone away and we have to repose.
You struggled to the great goal and faced the death bravely.
Men hated me; they were frustrated and toiling aimlessly
Whether the man lives nearer or far away,
Fate doesn't exclude him even he ascends to the sky.
Go along with time as a repent person and brave.
Never will you awake when they put you inside grave.
It was the right approach many times was mentioned.
Since olden days story after story it was repeated.
Do you see well just rather than the justice of the ground?
All of times it does the impossible for people to be proud
Stand up from thy bed if you can!
Watches armies and throngs secret! O, man.

Translated by: mohammad mahmud ahmad
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