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At the times decisions must be had, we weigh the good and the bad.
Decisions not always cut and dry, being left too often to wonder why,
What decision bears more weight, on the scale that people call fate?
Why do these things happen to me, just what is it that I can not see?

With decisions made from the heart, reason sometimes plays no part.
There is never rhyme or reason, when it’s your heart you’re pleasing.
And reason can seem kind of cold, when a decision seems to be bold.
However, it is never fate my friend, with our God, who knows the end.

With any decision that you make, there’s a chance a heart will break.
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Poetry Hound 03 April 2006

Hey Bob, just because I disagree with the supernatural stuff in the bible, some people say I must be possessed by the devil. Well, here’s what I think about that. I know I’m not possessed by the devil because I don’t encourage people to sin or violate the Ten Commandments. I encourage people to lead decent, honest and charitable lives. See? Not possessed. However, I also encourage people to use their God-given rational minds and think for themselves, and not yield to the temptation dangled in their faces by proselytizers who claim that the Earth is only 5,000 years old and that humans were spontaneously created in a special garden and that one of them ate an apple at the urging of a snake. I tell them to file that stuff next to Jack and the Beanstalk.

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Patricia Gale 03 April 2006

A well written spiritual poem. Very insightful, turn to him in time of decisions. Well done. Regards, Patricia Gale

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