Defamation Poem by Randy McClave


I compared Donald Trump to Satan
I said it verbatim,
Because, they both are unchristian and liars
And they both have many upon many sinful priors.
Neither one can ever be trusted
Both, have many times been busted,
They both have also cried out they are the chosen one
And both are crooks and a con.
They care for no one, but only themself
With fake championship trophies on their shelf,
They wanna be a king a dictator even a czar
And they both wanna be the morning star.
They both stand for violence and hate
Hell indeed is their ultimate fate,
They both want their followers to accuse and attack and kill
Doing their very will.
They both wanna be worshiped and praised
They excite those who are sinful and crazed,
And they lead their followers to destruction and sin
And all that they both always seek is the ultimate win.
They both are headed and destined for hell
That is where they and their followers will forever dwell
And they want to take with them all that they can
Every child, woman and man.
They both have many worshippers and followers
And they both buy people with promises and apples and dollars
Now, I'm looking for a good lawyer or even a barrister
Because, Satan is suing me for defamation of his character.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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