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You don't have to go to the dale
To find her playing with a butterfly;
She would hide from you
As she is young and shy;

I can't barter my freedom
Take away the riches with you
Don't display your dollars and pounds
To my countrymen who need freedom too

I don’t know why I like to talk with you
In your language
Why I can’t withdraw my fingers from the keys
Till I finished the page;

It is a surprise
How in rhythm with
The fluttering of wings
Of a butterfly your eyes

The stars have gone behind the clouds
The moon has lost its sheen
In the thick night I weep like a child
Because I can no more call you mine

Dripping drops of diamond dews
Ice-cold beads encompassing numerous hues
Swirling down the peacock-green leaves
And get disappeared on the bed of sheaves.

Where thoughts are defiled with
Anger, greed, violence and pride;
Where mind revolts against the truth
And carries the lies as its guide;

I open the door and feel the dawn
Descending upon my palm as I hurry
To have a walk across the lawn

I am already down and out
I am almost dead and burning
Give me no more pain
I am already a fallen leaf

I live inside me
Trapped by my thoughts
Good or bad
I let myself suffer for

Your eyes are raindrops-
Transparent and simmering
Upon the half opened flowers;

I live within a circle
Drawn by my forefathers
To keep me safe and vigilant

Sitting in the balcony
I watch the rose bud
Swaying in the breeze
Waiting to open up

Like the cool breeze form the sea
You touch my heart and mind
You caress my body to sooth me
Thanks very much being so kind

It's morning time
I wake up hearing the soothing
Sound of the wind chime

Let me keep floating
Like a leaf in a stream
Let me sleep after my work
And breathe smooth and dream


Roses open up in the dawn
To play with the wind and the sun
They spray fragrances into the air
To give a feeling of peace, love and care

Where is that pond
Where into I used to jump
From the branch of old
Banyan tree stood by its side

The night you vanished
From my life I found no stars
Shining in the sky
No wind blew lifting tufts

How much you need to live this life
How much money, how much food
How much lands and how much blood

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A Country Girl In Love

You don't have to go to the dale
To find her playing with a butterfly;
She would hide from you
As she is young and shy;

You can't see her among trees and bushes
For she does not stay in a place;
Just track down her in fields
On her head she has done a new lace;

She may be on the hill, sitting on stone
And staring at the sky in a pensive mood;
She has been going there to watch
The flitting clouds since her childhood;

Yonder at the edge of dale you can see
Her squatting by the river side playing;
With sands, snails and pebbles
Watching the boats as they go down gliding;

Sometimes I watch her lithely tread
The narrow paths across the desolate field;
Her eyes looking for someone
Where the green crops wild flowers yield;

She is lost in herself and wanders through
Vales, forests, hills and hot desert;
Singing, dancing, laughing and murmuring
No one knows what is in her heart;

Sometimes they think she has met
Someone somewhere in those lonely lands;
Who fell in love with her and promised
To return and would ask her for her hands;

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Wahab Abdul 06 October 2013

i have read the poems of you, your poems are fabulous, enjoyed and related with your poems.. i wish you best of luck! aw

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Richard Beevor 06 May 2014

excellent poem Tiku,10 out of 10

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Neran Sati 14 October 2015

Tiku, so romantic, tender and full of love that is streaming throuh all his verses Keep on, be happy.. the soul of hidden wonders!

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 17 September 2017

Your poems have always reflected an optimum vigour and valour of beautiful poetry. I wish you write more of pain than of pleasure.

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Rajendra Rout 19 September 2017

tiku i am very happy to read yor poem.thanks for shairing

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I take this opportunity to wish you Anil ji, a beautiful life of joy, fulfillment and success. With Warmest Regards.

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Anil Kumar Panda is one of the finest poets in Poem Hunter. I have read many of his poems. I find his poems highly romantic, full of fabulous expressions, filled with metaphors - poetry in its most sublime texture. He is a true poet.

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me poet yeps poet 16 March 2023


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me poet yeps poet 16 March 2023

This is aWOW POEM Ihad said it before AKP UR GOOD POETREE

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me poet yeps poet 24 November 2022

WOW I have read this poem so many times what a lovely pen describes her BEAUTY

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