Department Of Time Poem by Tanja Bulovic

Department Of Time

Rating: 5.0

I work double shift in a dreary factory
Where we make devices, Department of Time
Yesterday I had this great idea for a
Nifty calendar where you could choose a day
Any day you wanted and go back at will
Change your course of action, sequence of events
Hold somebody's hand, make it last forever
Or one moment longer, like you wanted then
But my foreman told me: What a dumb idea
Just go back to work, who would pay for that
Today, a woman that came here after me
Got a promotion, she had this great idea
For an alarm clock that spits in your face
In the morning. Everyone is shaking her hand
And telling her: What a grea idea, this will
Make us rich, and how did you think of that
Maybe it's because I spit in her coffee
I think I will resign so I can spend more time
At my other job, in the shop of dreams
Where everythng is real, or so it seems to me
But who am I to say? I'm just a dumb factory
Worker in the Department of Time

Allemagne Roßmann 12 September 2011

Very deep social message to convey hereby in your poem..a good and overwhelming write...

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Stefanie Fontker 12 September 2011

Ha! A witty story in this work of art. It seems that way, doesn't it? That more often people seem to get the opposite of what they deserve.

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