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I wish there was a cat in me
Giving love like a huge favour

What I love most
Is sleeping
While it's raining
No, wait

Perhaps if i stopped counting
All my failures, pains and dreams
Perhaps if i stopped sleeping
You'd forgive me easily

Ugasi svetlo, slusaj me nocas
Kako recima ovim ludujem
Ugasi svetlo i ponavljaj za mnom
Jer sve sto ti kazem zelim da cujem

The little I know about you
Is almost too much to bear
That you, who care so little,
Get to hold him every day

Quand je vous touche
Elle est petite
Mais quand vous quittez
La mort grandit

I work double shift in a dreary factory
Where we make devices, Department of Time
Yesterday I had this great idea for a
Nifty calendar where you could choose a day

I am letting you go
Not like a cry
But bit by bit
Like life

Moment: a unit of time
Equal to ninety seconds
I bet you did not know this
If you are not too lazy

I watched them slide
down your sweet, sweet tongue
gathering lies on their way out


Is there anything
between us but space?
And if we fill it up
with words and hands,

If you should ever look for love again
In old Verona, city full of grace,
Look for a statue speaking of a pain
That mortals wouldn't ever freely face;

This endless play is getting hard to play
When every actor wants to write his role
And every minor wants to have a say
In what was meant to be my spectacle


She wished for a coat, you put your arms around her
She wished for a bracelet, you bound her
She wished for forever, you stayed on inside her
Just like you knew you would.

Je ne pense pas quand
Tu es près de moi
Ce serait impoli
Et impossible

You led me to the water
But you wouldn't let me drink

I stumbled over many fine

Ma necu da vam pisem pesme
Sebicni ljudi
Vi ne zasluzujete pesme

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I was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1968. In 1993 I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa. Writing is a deep spiritual experience for me. I write in English and Serbian. I hope that reading my poetry will be a deep spiritual experience for you. Thank you for reading!)

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Animal Spirit

I wish there was a cat in me
Giving love like a huge favour
But there's just a little puppy
Begging for it

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Alan Strand 26 November 2011

Hi Tanja I really like your poetry…short and sweet- not many words but they convey much emotion…kind of reminds me of the spirit of haiku. Most of my poems are longer than yours but a Sufi poet named Rumi (1207-1273) inspired me to write a short one of my own. Rumi wrote: The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along. and he also wrote: I am so small I can barely be seen. How can this great love be inside me? Look at your eyes. They are small, but they see enormous things. I wrote this poem and posted it on this web site under my nom de plume, Alan Strand: 'A Dangerous But Very Short Liaison' A small kiss, And yet I reminisce About Love done, And dream wildly about What may have just begun. Keep up your wonderful art! Al Arsenault Port Moody, BC, Canada

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