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And they came all blueberry cranberry blackberry cherry
and I remained dumbfounded whom to pop and whom to marry
worry and merry like tom and jerry
in a flurry to life`s golden galarie

Your Name: Amit Ray

Title of Poem: In Sunderbans

Kissed off loneliness
in your togetherness
-a sepulchral statue,
bullet hole


The augury of him in Crimea was so
That Ekaterina said she was tired of sandwiches

A madrigal`s motley through the winds
Only with her wings they did play the strings, did their words succumb to her rantings?
Colours capriced in mundane hearts, kisses robbed in binds

Amit Ray Biography

It was pleasure meeting people from various parts of the world from various socio-economic background. Adios. Amit Ray.)

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****~arranged Marriage~****

And they came all blueberry cranberry blackberry cherry
and I remained dumbfounded whom to pop and whom to marry
worry and merry like tom and jerry
in a flurry to life`s golden galarie
and I went on choosing a perfect french for my calvary
Britanny my red carpet strawberry

Left mrs discreet and right miss discrete in ferry
my rubber is perplexed where to serry
Then an old pal Sherry called on from Banbury
telling she knows a single mom gooseberry to take my Cadbury
But women made always my life ghetto like
the syllables of sonnetina rispetto telling tales of Canterbury

I forgot the smell of the last woman apart her perfume that was Burberry
In Moscow in a disco where life gave me lemons for my vodka
She was part Skerryvore, daughter of an equerry
I told her sorry back in my lanes of memory
and I went on choosing a perfect french for my calvary
my whirry loneliness in Britanny my red carpet strawberry

Midway in life when am showman no more I need not whirry
No more darling Harry for Perry, Kerry, furry and slurry
I know I will count diamonds again in the sky and I will lie to myself if agony comes relying on my boy self, my butterfly selfie and my hand cooked curry
But I will always have my carmen
Walk the streets of my boy Lyon alone, run the way with my girl Marseilles
Backpack from Paris again to Britanny my red carpet strawberry

Amit Ray Comments

Rachel Streek 31 July 2012

I cant stand this person. He messages me to read one of his poems that slags of my country then continues to message me slagging off my queen, insults my religion and my job and my intelligence. He is a nasty person full of hatred.

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Shahzia Batool 29 September 2012

You address or just apostrophise i don't know, but you dramatise emotions well.most of your poems are dramas enacted inside and here I know words are futile like a car without know your strength in language very well.the lexia accords the subject, see the camel, Behest and Kashmir..Flirt -a common subject with an uncommon reality is the looking glass and desire is to seize the moments...Nature n effort conferred on you the divine gift of languages, n you try to make the most of it.

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Shahzia Batool 24 April 2012

WHAT I SAW HERE! ! ! Poetics, Politics, Philosophy n History! ! ! Generally speaking, his work can be read at many levels: The myth of his structural apprehension is applicable not only to English but to Urdu language as well...he lays his hand on complex first (i might be mistaken perhaps) he seems to be a...Mushkil-pasand... poet...In Urdu, in a traditional sense, HIS is a voice of every heart-passionate, compassionate n humane; Intezaar, the awaiting; n Haaste zakham, the ' laughing wounds, '...the use of Persian compound, possessive phrases needs to be checked a dil-e dastan; and nadaan -e-dil. In English, more than a poet, he appears like an activist, a pacifist or a humanitarian with an individual vision n perception rather than a poet. Like Shaw's plays of ideas, n Russell's essays of ideas, he uses poetry as a platform for sharing his Ideas and his own world.In English, esoteric wisdom is mostly exhibited; while in urdu it's more English, verbosity is the work that does not look erudite n recondite literally but it can be used for vocabulary-building in a positive sense for young learners n humble language learners like me but it is unlike Wordsworth's theory of poetic-diction where he says that the diction of poetry should be within the reach of even a layman; in Urdu, really one feels like having the editing as a double-steering car (but that's not the issue) . Government.... is a Machiavellian image..a personification, with witty word-play, , of course by Wordsworth's theory i dont mean something, , modern mind, definitely seeks after something CLOSER to life...since it's not the time of singing hymns TO NATURE IN pagan adoration...still who can remain blind to some of his beautiful verses - A christmas -singing her soprano; Bonnie cat; a prayer; a subterfuge; gondola; and Women with wonderful play of metaphor, are lovely poems...there's much to be deciphered what resides there in the deep-structure of the poet's mind! ! !

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Ramesh Rai 23 July 2012

I m thinking since long to comment something about my frnd. Amit. Really, he is fantastic. he has got so many qualities, an engineer, a poet, a philosopher, a fore sighter, a politician and above all a nice frnd and a humble person. he is also a patriot and a person thinking about all. he is also fearless and never fear to criticize the evils. I pray the Almighty for his bright future.

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Ahmed Khaled 01 October 2011

fly amit fly friend you have the wings of poetry and you have the hands of friendship so......................... i love you amit i love you my friend..................... phd++++a++++k++++

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Harindhar Reddy 14 April 2020

To pen down something about Amit Ray is not a coffee table small talk. But let me have a go. His poetry flashes with flow of rhyme, words and emotions in a vintage stuff. The topic he chooses is wine and flow of words is shoda, if we mix and drink we taste the poetry of Amit. Topic may be ordinary or special but the way he deals reminds me a doctor treating patients. I may run out words to the woods if I have to write a bit more. Hats off to my admiring poet!

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Ramesh Rai 21 June 2015

Amit Ray is a born poet. Poetry is flowing in his veins.

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Allemagne Roßmann 22 August 2013

From: Peter Mamara (Australia ;) To: Allemagne Roßmann Date Time: 8/22/2013 4: 50: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: hello Hi Rossman, From thousands of people, you were the only connoisseur when it comes to good poems.

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Ramesh Rai 07 July 2013

i m writing poem since my teenage. most of them r destroyed saying it has no substantial use for common people in 2011 i aptly posted my few poems in this site.just next day i got comments from three persons praising my poem among them is Amit RAY. this inspired me much and today i have posted abt 500 poems. now a days poetry has become the part of my life. i dont know if Amit has stopped writing poem. if so i requst him to start again. i wish him as a bright poet and author

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Ken E Hall 24 June 2013

I love Amit's work and best of all I like him cos' he is Amit full of a kind...nice...regards

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