Deportee Poem by Isaac 'slimx'


It was easy and breezy, nothing sneezy and sleazy where I was living,
it was sensational abiding with the sons of God, right there in heavenly places,
I used to stay awake listening to sweet lyrics from the Son of dawn (day star) ,
my heart knew no pain, my soul refreshed daily by his Presence
I could fly if I wanted, I could run and not faint, could walk miles and not be weary,
This was just before I became a deportee.

Then I wasn’t laughed at, truly I wasn’t discriminated against base on skin colour,
I was like a prince, because I was formless, rejoicing when the elders bow,
I fed the vipers, I lay with lioness, scolded the deer, talked with scorpions and swam with sharks,
for all were mine, made for my pleasure, abiding with me, willing at my command,
I did as I wanted, perfect in His eyes, rejoicing in His glory, abiding in His love,
Just before I became a deportee.

When the garden fell, we all mourned, ‘the man was driven out before dawn’ cried the wolf,
the snare was set by the serpent they all agreed, the earth is doomed we all wailed,
the council met as I watched, save the man and his wife was the agendum,
deafening silence fell as the Most High thundered, ’ who will go and restore the human race’,
it was frightening to say the least, I have never seen Him stand upon His throne,
All happened before I was a deportee.

I was deported to earth, it wasn’t my fault, He needed a witness so I was sent,
point to the Way was my mandate, tell the Truth to humanity I was reminded,
I am a deportee lost in the blazing desert of life, avoiding the path and falling into the pit,
my script is gone, my message tarnished, trashed by the fiery serpent, same old ancient tricks,
my servants have become my princes, my friends now my enemies, my fears increase daily,
All because I am a deportee.

Hear me ye children of men who are all deportees, take heed to thy ways,
do that which was told you and that which you received from the hands of Him that lives forever,
for this earth is not home, we just here for a while soon to be deported to where we came from,
a gate call eternity exist, place of no favour or respect, where a life pass is needed to go through,
for soon the music will die, the light of the cheering crowd will dim, man will return to dust,
For I have always been a deportee.

Isaac 'Slimx'
November 29,2008

asma Jone 05 December 2008

Wow this is very beautiful very very, like the whole story from beginning to then end

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