It's A Matter Of Time Poem by Isaac 'slimx'

It's A Matter Of Time

Your sorrows may not disappear,
Still trouble lingers on and on,
Success may have elude you,
But I say that’s not the end of road,
Cuz all the things you’ve lost to time,
God will bring it back again,
And the promise he had made,
He will stand to perform them,
It’s just a matter of time.

Heaven and earth may pass away,
But all his words will come to pass,
I have never heard him fail,
And he will never fail you too,
Cuz all the time you’ve weep and pray,
He is recording them down,
And the request you’ve made,
He will make them very good,
It’s just a matter of time.

Though the sower may not sow,
And the reaper wouldn’t reap,
The sun and moon may lose their light,
To him it’s just a little thing,
Cuz all your goods that time has waste,
Restoration on its way,
Though the darkness resist you,
He will stay to pick the fight,
It’s just a matter of time.

No matter your situation,
No matter the circumstances,
No matter all the frustrations,
He’s more than willing and able,
Cuz all the things they’ve thrown at you,
Will return and pierce their heart,
And all the pits they’ve dig for you,
They will fall down into it,
It’s just a matter of time,
We gonna be ok.

Isaac 'Slimx'
Dec 2008

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